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Welcome To Stirling Pre-School

Welcome to Stirling Pre-School.  Our school is like a home away from home as every employee knows the children’s names and greets each child with a smile.  The children also feel at ease talking to all staff members and are comfortable asking for help if necessary.  We are all committed to creating a happy and caring environment. The teachers are educated, experienced and first-aid trained, ensuring that your child is stimulated and safe at all times. 
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VISION – 2019

VISION: Stirling Pre-School aims to help foster the whole child and not just from the traditional academic point of view. We look at everything that has an impact on your child’s development. We have tried to create a stress-free environment with a “no shouting” by the teachers policy in place. Discipline is firm but gentle and the teachers focus heavily on positive behaviour reinforcement. We place a heavy emphasis on developing gross motor skills and also try to build your child’s confidence with show and tell, sharing news, encouraging responsibility and by having your child perform songs in front of others in weekly assemblies. We concentrate on healthful eating and the importance of correct nutrition and the consumption of water. As food affects so many aspects of the child, from runny noses to concentration, we serve snacks of raw fruits and vegetables with protein dips, wheat-free health muffins, and vegetable soups made from scratch. Our curriculum is carefully designed and discussed weekly by the teachers so that each learning area is covered. The teachers are well prepared and have clear learning objectives that they would like to achieve each day, giving your child a day full of opportunities for learning and growth. In partnership with the parents, Stirling Pre-School “graduates” should be happy, healthy and well-rounded individuals.

CURRICULUM: A “Gauteng Education” curriculum is followed. The standard daily programme comprises of a morning ring, daily tabletop activities to develop fine-motor skills, promote creativity and independence, outside play, gross-motor play, music rings, story time, perceptual work and woodwork. We have a vegetable garden which the children participate in and a mud kitchen for daily sensory stimulation. Each week there is a new theme and daily discussions, activities and artwork revolve around that theme. There are weekly music lessons in Zulu. There is a heavy concentration on developing the large muscles, as we have found a huge need for children to be more active. The children even run up the road four mornings a week to get a little cardiovascular workout. Two very comprehensive reports are handed out throughout the year. There are parent/teacher meetings twice a year and Eye and Ear tests are performed. The teachers have a good understanding of Sensory Development and they go on workshops to keep up to date with new teaching methods. We have a privately run, in-house Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist and Speech Therapist for children who need extra input.

EXTRA ACTIVITIES: There is a Parents’ Evening and an annual Fun Day. We also have Friday Assemblies where the children sing the National Anthem and each class sings a song in front of the school. A Concert is performed towards the end of the year. There are puppet shows and other educational shows, wetlands clean-up, barefoot Fridays, special dress-up days and sprinkler days to name a few of the activities that your child will experience. A Carol’s Evening is held at the end of the year as well as a Graduation for our Grade 00 classes.

AGES : 18 months to 5 years of age; Grade 0000, Grade 000, Grade 00.

HOURS: School hours are from 6h45 – 13h30. The teachers go on duty at 7h30. Government holidays and terms are followed (4 terms.)

SCHOOL FEES 2019: 6h45 - 13h30   R3700 per month (Jan to Dec)             R44,400 Annual fee

5% discount on monthly fees for Siblings. 5% discount for up front annual payment.

Enrolment: R500 Non-refundable

Deposit: R3700 This comes off your last month with us.

Monthly Fee: R3700 Includes toiletries, stationery, mid-morning snack, a hearing and eye test, a school hat and              educational shows.

BANKING DETAILS: “Stirling Pre-School.” Standard Bank. Fourways Crossing. Branch code # 009 953. Account # 023 329 254. Current Account.

SECURITY: There are two gates from the road to the parking lot which are kept closed except at pick-up and drop-off times when Victor is on duty. There is also a CCTV camera in the office to monitor both gates. There is a further gate at the school door. Each parent must be buzzed in from the office. We have emergency panic buttons around the school and cameras on the road outside the school. All children must be signed in and out, and if anyone else is fetching your child, we must be notified in advance.

EXTRA MURALS: Ballet, Yoga, Gymnastics, Karate, Drama and Playball.

TEACHERS: The teachers are qualified and first aid trained.

REGISTRATION: The school is registered with the Department of Social Development and the Health Department.



I truly don't know what we would have done if we hadn't found Stirling preschool when my eldest daughter was four. She had been labeled as higher spectrum autistic by teachers at her previous school, but we weren't prepared to "give up" on her the way they did. Stirling changed her life as well as ours. She was correctly diagnosed as having Sensory Processing Disorder, and from there, with the right learning environment and the right teacher, she just blossomed. She is now a happy and healthy main stream child, coping well at school and with her peers. Stirling was the extended family she needed and it has been a privilege for us to be a part of that family. Thank you Lorna, Lynette and all your amazing dedicated staff.

Bron Smith

As a parent, nothing gives you more joy than a child who looks forward to going to school everyday, even on weekends! I remember very well the first day I came to Stirling Pre-School, in 2013. My Aunt, Lorna Mayekiso recommended the school and said knowing you wena mntanam (my child) you will love the school because you love your children soooo MUCH and the teachers and staff at Stirling do that first, loving your child before teaching them.

Fast forward, I got a call that Yibanathi was accepted and that there was an opening. It just felt right, I knew that it was a school for her to grow and a place for me to let go, allowing other parents to take over in my absence. From day one, the warmth, the smiles and love I felt everyday when I walked in. I remember the lve everyday when I drive past.I make sure Victor sees us when we drive past.

Stirling became an extension of my Family. Yibanathi still tells me how much she misses her school, and that we must visit. She loved her teachers, classmates and the great environment that Stirling had created. Oh, and she loved the food, especially Gogos banana bread!

As they say, change is the only constant and that time goes by very quickly when you are having FUN. Before we knew it, Yibanathi had grown up and she was ready for the BIG world, big school, bigger experiences, bigger opportunities

If the only thing we say when we pray is thank you, we have said enough. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for LOVE and knowledge sharing. I grew as a parent too, learning from everyone I interacted with at Stirling.

Keep up the AMAZING work you do, it is appreciated! P.S We will visit soon.

Much love,

Mambrie May

Our angel Kendra joined Stirling Pre-School the last quarter of 2013. Kendra did not have a great school start and the change we saw in our little girl after she joined Stirling was amazing! She grew into a well-rounded confident little girl who was happy to be going to school again. Teacher Jade had a big part in assisting us with that and for this we thank you! Kendra then teamed up with Teacher Cirsty in 2014 and we watched our angel blossom into this amazing person whose confidence grew and grew. Teacher Cirsty was always ready with a warm smile and a big hug (for mommy too) and she will be sorely missed. We happy that our little Peyton is at Stirling that we still get to see all the amazing teachers who have become family. Teacher Cirsty, to the world you may be just a teacher but to Kendra (& me), you are a hero! We love you so very much and thank you for all you have done .

Warm regards,

Shelley Grobler :)


Bronwyn Whitford

Stirling pre-school is one of those schools that makes me feel that I have found a diamond in amongst the coal.

From the first time that I walked around the school to see if I wanted to send my first born here, I could just feel that amazing things happen at this school. The first thing I noticed and loved was the art - free, often and exactly what children this age should be doing!

Abigail, now 5yrs old was here for a year with Teacher Shannon in 2013. I find it difficult to put into words how happy we were here with the school and her teacher. Abi flourished because she was encouraged to be herself, her passion for stories, acting and drama were fed. She was also challenged to flex muscles that didn’t naturally work like maths and gross motor activities.
Let's just say that I got emotional at my first parent teacher meeting knowing that Abi is in the right place with all the right people!

Now Sarah, aged 3yrs is here in Proteas, and loving it! From day 1 I knew she is going to bloom and blossom here.
From the amazing work and enthusiasm the teachers put in, to Victor and all the staff knowing my children's names, meeting moms at cars with umbrellas when it rains, the involvement of parents, the smiles.

We are going to just have to keep having children to stay in this Stirling family! :-)


Sylvia Cook

Sadie has grown so beautifully at Stirling school and I am grateful to have found a school with such a caring and child focused ethos.


You are all an amazing blessing to our little family, thanks for the love you share with our girls.


Meryn Govender

I wanted to send this email to say thank you for such a wonderful concert experience.

We sincerely appreciate all of the hard work and effort that went into co-ordinating the event. Everthing was handled really well and the teachers relly worked hard at making sure that the parents were comfortable.

Cara, I personally wanted to say "congratulations", on a job well done. You were excellent and calm in co-ordinating the entire concert and your kids were very well trained on their lines and actions. They were brillant.

You delivered an excellent performance. It could not have been easy to co-ordinate and make sure that all of the 4 year olds knew their parts. We are honoured to have you teaching the Proteas.

Well done to all and thank you for such a great experience.


We are proud to be part of the Stirling family.

Mike and Petra Devereux


Thank you for creating and maintaining such an amazing school Lorna!
When Bella started at Stirling she was rather shy and introverted and she has become a completely confident, clever and enthisiastic little girl who LOVES going to school and loves her teacher.
You are all incredible there and Mike and I are so grateful that we have been able to send Bella to a school like yours.

Thank you for the love and passion you show to our children.

Ilse van Walmelen


A spcial thanks for the baby lion organized for the last day of school, Liam was telling us all about it during the holidays. You always do something special on the last day so thanks for that.

Cally Kumbier
I have been meaning to email to congratulate you all on the 8th birthday. Stirling is such a special school. We are so happy there. And it's all because of the wonderful people. I can honestly say that there is not one person that works there that even has the slightest bit of an unpleasant trait.
Well done Lorna.
You have a great team!
We really will miss you all next year.
With lots of love

The Kumbiers x

Lyn Douglas


Thank you all so much for the outstanding Grandparents day.
Wow what a lovely idea.
I just loved being with my grandson and playing in the dough and climbing the trees and just spending quality time with him.
What a lovely happy surrounding he si in.
I think that the school has such a lovely feel to it and that definitely comes from all the lovely positive happy teavhers that you have there.
Oh my and for the lovely snacks.......
Thank you for allowing me to spend such a wonderful mornng and for sharing in his school activities.

Carole Podetti Ngono

As a single mother who had the opportunity to have Ivana and Julian at your school, I wish to reflect on our experience as a Family.

First, Lorna “The Principal” is always at school, monitoring, leading by example, listening to the needs of parents and her team to serve the best way our children her learners.

She is striving with her team to provide support to the family by offering training which are relevant for our home staff taking care of our children, providing support when needs be.

In Terms of Transparency, Stirling is the best school I have ever been to while I am working in the education field. As parents, the day you are called to contribute you know within maximum 7 working days where will be spent the donations. Accountability is one of the values we need for our country and it is witnessed in our daily experience at this school.

Teacher Cirsty like Teacher Shaun and Teacher Tracy have been the pillars of the school’s experience of both my children, infusing into their curriculum the appropriate foundations for my children to understand that “To give your best in everything you do” is a requirement should we wish to live our dreams.

The ground staff is highly committed to the well-being of our children. You said HEALTHY At the school, you will smell the best banana bread or soup in the morning. Victor, our Security man is a smile and caring father from the street to the gate, he greats everyone by name

Gentle listeners, non-judgemental and focused on positive reinforcement are the three qualities we have witnessed and lived through the eyes of our children.

It is a privilege to be a learner at Stirling and until today, we wish if only we could celebrate once more every year together.



Janie Loftie-Eaton
Thank you to you for all that you have done and all that you have provided through Stirling over the years for our baby girl Catherine.
We are proud to have been part of this honourable school and will continue to hold the Stirling name high. You are truly blessed in your abilities and have such a gift in your ability to run such a professional school a school where children are happy to play and learn. Thank you for always being a listening ear and for the support of your awesome staff. We will miss you all very much.

Anna Johnson
Taking Samuel to Stirling is the best thing I have ever done for my little boy and I will forever be grateful to you, Sharon and Lynette for the happiness that has been returned to him. And for the interactions of the rest of the staff who have also helped to make his every day one worth looking forward to. When he came to Stirling, the real Samuel’s fun personality had been eroded and his confidence had been undermined by the negative daily interaction he had with his previous teacher. He had gone from being a boy who skipped into school to a boy who behaved like a cat being taken to the vet. Getting him through the front door of the school was like putting a reluctant cat in a cat carrier! Impossible. It was heartbreaking seeing him so miserable day and night. Now that you all truly know what Samuel is like, you can imagine how difficult that was. His turn-about would not have happened without a fantastic, dedicated teacher. Sharon is one of those teachers who will be remembered by children when they are adults as a pivotal person in their lives. I know that Samuel, despite the work we are doing with him outside school, would not have done so well, had it not been for Sharon’s understanding and willingness to accept him and work with him. I know that it is not easy to have an ‘outlier’ in a class situation. She offered him daily love, respect and acceptance within solid boundaries. She helped to put him back together. Getting his merit badge was a MASSIVE turning point for him and I think he finally realized he was accepted and safe. Thank you all for treating my son with respect and giving him back his confidence, and his ‘happy-skip’.

Victoria Venables
Our children are everything to us and it is very rarely we find people who treat them as the precious people we, their parents, feel they are. I cannot begin to explain to you the change in Thomas this year from where he came from. He is now a happy and confident child always eager to get to school. He has learnt so much from Teacher Sonya, to the point where he is starting to annoy his big sister because he knows more than her. The curriculum you offer from languages, science, mathematics etc has given him such a good foundation for his school years ahead. Having been through grades 00 and 0 with Michelle, I can say with confidence what you are teaching the children at Stirling is not being done by other schools in the area. I know I have said it during the year but I regret that Michelle did not attend Stirling. You have a winning recipe. Thank you for the weekly news letter keeping us up to date with happenings of the week and the friendly greetings and smiling faces that greeted us each day at Stirling. The fun day and concert were fabulous. Even up to the Carols evening, you have made the experience at Stirling far more than just a school but rather an adventure in growing up.

Janine Louw
It has been such a pleasure to have been part of this journey for you. From the first time together at (your previous school), there was some kind of “connection” that I wanted my children and myself to be part of. The elation when I heard about Stirling was fantastic for me. I remember coming to meet with you to see where it was, and at that stage, it was just a shell, but I knew it was right for us. Never underestimate your wonderfully, positive spirit, which makes you the person that you are!  I am so sad that my children’s journey is over, but believe that ours is not – so please call when you need to and I will be there with an open heart (and arms). I know that Stirling will continue to thrive - it has to – it is the best pre-school in Joh’burg!

The Baldwins
I just wanted to send a quick note to rave once again about Teacher Laura – the things she is doing for Ryan are remarkable. I think she is so talented and handles the kids so well. We just love her to bits and Ryan adores her! Ryan also just loves coming to school every day – I have to say again, I’ve yet to see a school quite like yours – the love and family feeling you give is remarkable, as well as the level of education. We’re realising how much we missed you!

Helen Blanckenberg
I just love our little school, and I told Karen I always feel so welcomed when I get there at lunchtime - part of your family and it makes my day!  All your staff are so happy and friendly (and extremely capable!) and I must specially add how much I think Laura has done for Ryan - he is such a different little boy this year! She is an amazing girl. I am so impressed with your ongoing training, Lorna, and think how much this is going to benefit Ryan in the years he is going to spend with you.

Judith Sims
I just want you to know that in my humble opinion – You and your staff are doing the most unbelievable job of educating my child.  I just wish some other teaches – like those you find at other schools – would take a leaf out of your book in educating and attending to our children’s physical development as well as academic needs.  Bravo – I think you and your team do an amazing job and I am delighted my daughter and I are in your caring, committed clutches. Did I tell you – You could well be responsible for educating my daughter to Grade 12 – suggest you start growing your school.

Nicole Pettitt
Our daughter attended two other schools before being admitted to Stirling. We found that they were more baby sitting services, than educational facilities. That is why we moved her to Stirling. We could not be happier now that she is being well cared for and prepared for her future.

Vanessa Schulte
I think Stirling is a wonderful school and the teachers are all lovely. I took my eldest child out of his previous school and put him in Stirling for grade 00, his teacher Sonya was so loving and wonderful. She taught slightly older kids in his class. Jaeden picked up what she was teaching them and now is doing so well at Bryandale Pre Primary because of this. My youngest boy Kairan is in teacher Laura’s class and he loves school so much, he cries during school holidays because he cant go to school.

Melanie Monzili
We can tell that you love children and are exceptionally professional in building and imparting the best education and development of pre-school. Keep up the good work!

Kim Brown
It is a home away from home. Our family all have such a wonderful time when at Stirling and both children have been nurtured and loved by all the wonderful teachers and staff. I would recommend the school to anyone.

The Toet Family
As a mother, I could not be more thrilled with my school choice. Stirling focuses on each child’s needs. The children feel prepared for each faze of development. The staff is professional and passionate. I know I am giving my child the best school start. Thank you.

Tanith du Toit
Stirling is a wonderful and nurturing school. All the teachers are exceptional and really care about each child’s development.  If only Stirling had a junior and high school too!

Barbara-Anne Smuts
What an awesome school Stirling is! The teachers are warm & friendly and really care for our children. I am proud that my daughter is a part of Stirling.

The Lawlors
Thank you for allowing us the awesome privilege of being a part of the Stirling family for three years. Ross has learnt so much and grown so wholesomely in his time at Stirling. He started off as a baby with Teacher Shawn and she nurtured his tiny spirit lovingly so that he could spread his wings and leave his home nest with confidence. His love affair with Stirling began. Then to Teacher Sharon where he had a great year forming his relationships with his peers and playing his heart out as he learnt. She taught him that fun and enjoyment were important and he longed to come to school every day. His final year was a fabulous one as Teacher Sonya helped him iron out any issues. His quest for knowledge startled us and he would come home daily with a mountain of facts that he would spurt out - teaching us all and relishing in the looks of amazement we gave him. He has learnt Afrikaans and Zulu words too. She is an amazing teacher and has given him the gift of a strong foundation. Lorna, thank you for caring about our fear of his peanut allergy and turning the school into a peanut free zone. As a mom I was afraid to "let go" and leave him and yet I felt so completely at ease leaving him in your professional care. The love and passion you have for your job is so evident and shines throughout the school. It is easy to see that all your staff are infected by his passion. The building blocks such as refining the gross motor skills have been so interesting for me as a mother to watch. Your interest in nutrition so that the children eat healthy food is amazing and has filtered down to Ross who knows about "good choices" and healthy eating. It is such a pity that more people don't attribute physical and mental health to food. It is reassuring to see you every day at school caring and steering the "ship" to such great heights of success. I will miss Victor's brilliant smile and laugh and his kindness to us all. He even knew the names of Ross' sisters! I will miss Gogo Thoko with her sweet smelling kitchen and her warm and gentle manner. Thank you again Lorna for everything. You deserve your desires for you have given so much to others. I miss Stirling already and feel heart sore to go. May be I have to have another baby so that I can start again! Thank you for fabulous, tremendous, amazing Stirling School. The Best School in the world. With much love and Blessings.

If you would like to enroll your child into Stirling Pre-School or find out more about our school simply contact us on +27 11 463 4307 and we will gladly be of further assistance.


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